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artofbrotherrat asked: I am so psyched you started following me! I've loved "mayoral candidate" since I found the album on bandcamp, I think it was last December. I have a question! In the live album you released the vocalization on "subject" where did that come from!? I always thought subject was interesting the prose 90s like nature of the story of being hit by a car, but then the live version has those amazing howling vocals!! I hope you like my art even a fraction of how much I like your music!! Cheers:)

Oh wow! Thanks so much!
Oh that vocal line, was something I wrote separate a little bit after writing the guitar riff, and decided to throw it in with it! Yeah the dialogue is based on a true story that happened to me, but I think vocals are more fitting.

I think your art is great! We should do a collaboration piece! Let me know what you think. :)


Been writing all new one-man band stuff.
Two loop pedals now!

Next show!
Will be releasing all new one man band tunes……

Next show!

Will be releasing all new one man band tunes……

New handmade copies of “Mayoral Candidate” available for sale.

Will deliver if ordered in the Toronto area.

Otherwise order here, 7$:
Or download a copy for free.

All art + songs: Kim Kukoraitis 2013/2014